South Devon Railway Diesel Gala photo gallery

South Devon Railway Diesel Gala photo gallery

The South Devon Railway held their diesel gala last weekend, 5/6 November, which featured newly out shopped class 20 D8110, class 25 D7612, Class 33 33 002, Class 37 D6737 and various shunters including the Class 09 D3721. (09 010) and the class 122 “Bubble car” W55000.

A gallery of images from the weekend can be found below, with special thanks to photographers Pete Jeffree, Bill Pizer & Neil Walkling.

sdr-5-11-11-nlr-6-11-11-005-2 sdr-5-11-11-nlr-6-11-11-004-2 d6737_buck2_051111

sdr-5-11-11-nlr-6-11-11-008 d6737_svt1_051111 d7612_d8110_svt2_051111

sdr-5-11-11-nlr-6-11-11-006 sdr-5-11-11-nlr-6-11-11-007 d7612d8110_2754_svt1_051111

33002_d8110_buck1_051111 33002d8110_totnes_051111 d7612_buck1_051111

33002_buck1_051111 33002-at-buckfastleigh-5th-nov-2011-c d8110_buck1_051111

d8110-at-buckfastleigh-5th-nov-2011-d d8110-d7612-at-buckfastleigh-5th-nov-2011 d7612-at-buckfastleigh-5th-nov-2011

sdr-5-11-11-nlr-6-11-11-001 sdr-5-11-11-nlr-6-11-11-002 sdr-5-11-11-nlr-6-11-11-003

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