Photo Gallery 30/06/12

Photo Gallery 30/06/12

Deltic Stock Move

Graham Perry’s photo of 55 022 passes Malago Bridge with a WSR to ELR move 19/06/12:


Deltic in the Duchy

Cary Barrett’s photo of 55 022 powering away from Droitwich at 06:28:


Ian Gould’s photo of 22 passing through Dawlish  the “The Mazey Day Cornishman” Tour:


Bill Pizer’s photo of 55 022 arriving at Penzance with the 1Z55 05:18 ex Birmingham International 23/06/12:


WSR Mixed Traffic Event

A selection of Bill Pizer’s photos from the WSR Mixed Traffic Event:

wsr-svr-16-17-6-12-001-2 wsr-svr-16-17-6-12-002-2 wsr-svr-16-17-6-12-003-2 wsr-svr-16-17-6-12-004-2 wsr-svr-16-17-6-12-006-2 wsr-svr-16-17-6-12-007-2  wsr-svr-16-17-6-12-009-2 wsr-svr-16-17-6-12-010-2 wsr-svr-16-17-6-12-011-3 wsr-svr-16-17-6-12-012-2  wsr-svr-16-17-6-12-014-2 wsr-svr-16-17-6-12-015-3wsr-svr-16-17-6-12-013-3  wsr-svr-16-17-6-12-008-3

EVR Diesel Running Weekend

A selection of Bill Pizer’s photos from the EVR Diesel Running Weekend. 33035 nears Duffield with the 10.20 ex Wirksworth, 33035
calls at Shottle with the 14.20 Wirksworth-Duffield (This station reopened today, it closed to passengers during 1947!), M79900 arrives at Wirksworth as the 16.05 ex Ravenstor, 31414 approaches Wirksworth with the 17.10 ex Duffield 24/06/12:

p1020112-2 p1020117-2 p1020119-3 p1020121-2

Preserved Diesels