News – 29/12/11

News – 29/12/11


Chris Moxon has supplied the following update and photos from Cheddleton:

33021 Captain Charles stabled in the bay at Cheddleton.  This loco remains the railway’s only operating mainline diesel and has recently seen unexpected use as a top & tail engine for Santa Specials following problems with one of the run round loops.

33021-cheddleton-13-12-2011-chris-moxon 33021-cheddleton-13-12-2011-chris-moxon-2

33102’s restoration continues in the carriage works.  Work is currently concentrating of replacement of the woodwork inside the cabs.


Finally, Class 37, 37075, in the yard in October, recently returned from Oakamoor after contract bodywork but reported elsewhere to be for sale.


GWR Small Sulzers

Work continues at Toddington on 24081’s  bodywork overhaul and preparation for a full repaint.  Photos from Phil Seymour:

img_0598ps img_0601-ps

Ivatt Diesel Recreation Society

News Update December 2011

This month we welcome lots of new news subscribers. As a reminder, if you would like to see the archive of messages that were sent before you signed up, then just open this email in your browser (The link is at the top right of the message) and one of the options at the top of the page is to view the archive.

The Big News – The engine.

      • As we hope you will by now be aware, we have secured an original English Electric 16SVT engine. 16 Cylinders, 247 Litres and about 1600HP.
      • This is the same type of engine that was used in LMS 10000 and 10001, right down to the fact it has the correct Brown Boveri turbochargers
      • This is a major step forward in the project as it gives us the heart of the loco. Now with the correct engine we can be confident that the shape and sound of the recreation will be as close to the original as possible.
      • We need to raise funds to pay for it in full  – so please go to our fundraising page and donate if you can. Donations to the “Buy a Litre for 10000” campaign are great, but all donations are welcome.
      • The Engine was originally built in Preston as a Mk1, but has been partially uprated with some Mk2 components. It was used as a standby generator in a “Government building” and so has had very little running. Our CME has fully inspected it  (and Winterised it) and declared it to be in A1 condition with very low hours.
      • The engine is stored away safely. We aren’t publicising its location too much because of the possibility of souvenir hunters or metal thieves (nobody on this list – but you never know who reads this once it is out on the internet)


      • We have come across even more existing drawings, may of which are unique to The Twins. The drawings are appearing from a number of different sources.
      • A start has been made on a serious design proposal document, which will outline the key design decisions. We intend to put this before the society membership in the new year to get feedback.
      • Even more historic documents have been brought to us from readers, thanks to all of those who submitted copies of documents. We are always looking for more, so if you happen to have some ageing drawing, photo or manual, please let us know — we would love to have a copy.
      • We are in talks to secure some of the existing contemporary parts we know of.  We can’t give details until we have them firmly in our hands but watch this space… (this is in addition to the engine)
      • A historical archive is making further progress with information from many sources (Books, Manuals, film, photos etc), again, any donations or copies would be appreciated – Especially if you have photographs we can get rights to use.
      • We are getting a steady stream of people signing up to news & information from the website, and this has increased again over what we had last month.
      • We have had initial and very preliminary talks with the certification authorities to understand more clearly exactly what the project needs to achieve for certification (both for possible mainline running and for heritage railway use).
      • We have filled our archivist role, one of our members has stepped in to help. We are still looking for specialists in a number of areas, see below.
      • We have also been in touch with some of the crew of the original locos, they are sharing their memories and stories with us. We hope to bring them to you over coming months.


      • We have had more publicity this month in a number of magazines.
      • Most of the coverage has been good and accurate. A few, more searching questions have been asked both in the press and on forums, which is a generally good thing. We do need to answer some of these questions, and we intend to prove the project as we move forward.
      • Whilst it doesn’t make sense to get into a full discussion in a newsletter, it is worth bearing in mind that “If you don’t try, it will definitely never happen”, and that some of the other new build projects mentioned didn’t start with a vast stack of drawings, and numerous major components still in existence. That said, questions about support and fundraising ability are valid – it is going to be the hardest part of the project, by a long way.


      • Our fundraising plan has kicked off with the “Buy a Litre for 10000” campaign – giving you the chance to see you name down on a plaque in the engine room of the locomotive, and recording your input as one of the founders of this project. There won’t be another chance to be one of the first few. Details are here.
      • Expect other fundraising activities over the coming months as we move forward.
      • We are putting together a calendar of events for 2012, we hope to attend galas and other events, with a stand – if you have suggestions as to where we should attend, please let us know. Also if you could help out, we would be very interested to hear from you.
      • The website is getting approx. 2600 hits/month,   This has increased from 2350 in November,  900 in October and  750 in September
      • has moved right up the google rankings, this helps us with visibility and enables us to attract visitors who might not otherwise have stumbled across us. The more searches people do for LMS 10000 the better as every click to our page and every “+1” makes us more visible
      • Charity registration (important for Gift aid etc..) is ongoing, we have been seeking guidance from the Heritage Railway Association. This is an area where we haven’t made the progress we would have desired. We would love to hear from readers who have experience in this area and can assist.

What we need;

      • We need more volunteers who want to be in at the start of this exciting project. At the moment we are specifically looking for;
        • Graphic designer; we could really do with a decent logo(and this authors skills just aren’t up to it…)
        • Charity experience; As we apply for charity registration we would benefit from the experience of somebody who has done this before and can help.
        • Power Electrical/Electronics; One of the big questions we need to answer is how to build the control system. Depending on the source of traction motors, generator and controls we may have to modify or replace the original control systems and we need to strengthen project expertise in this area.
        • Film Making; We would love to hear from any commercial film makers who would be interested in covering the project.
      • Any drawings, data or info on the locomotives, especially including photos or video that we can gain rights to reuse for the project.
      • Info about any original parts that may still exist, or ones that might be converted for use.
      • Tell your friends, we need as many people as possible.  Ask them to visit and subscribe to this news letter.


  •    We actively encourage feedback. If you have suggestions, information or criticism (Constructive preferably)  then please let us know by email, by web-forum, twitter or Facebook. Likewise if  you have specific questions about the project, feel free to get in touch and we will do our best to answer them.
  •    If you would like to join us at future meetings, let us know and we’ll make sure you are on the invite list.

How to contact us;

Twitter:       @LMS10000


Post:          IDRS, Flat 40, River Court, Catherine Road, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 4EY


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