News – 29/10/11

News – 29/10/11

47 376

Matt Pickford’s photo of 47 376 prior to working a sound recording train on the 18th October:


50 017

An update from the Loco’s owner Dave Cunningham:

Royal Oak now has most of it’s No 2 end in buff undercoat, the rest in light grey undercoat.  A bank bodyside is in undercoat and No 1 end has just had all the filling and sanding completed and stands in primer.  B bank side is virtually finished with filling and sanding and is also in primer.  All of the grills and shutters are back in place, some of them proving to be right little buggers to refit, nothing a large hammer didn’t fix.

The roof is finished in gloss black and yes there is a set of brand new nameplates to go onto the loco.  There might be a couple of surprise additions to the loco when she does come out of the shed at the end of the year, I will make a final decision nearer the time.

To date there has been 1500 man hours worked on 17, by an army of dedicated people to whom I am eternally grateful to. Some of us have the scars to prove it.

I wish there was more shed time to work on the old girl but time is finite as there is plenty more stock that needs some tlc. Thanks again for all the support in all shapes and forms.

A recent photo from Dave Cunningham:


25 265 and 37 227

Martin Sargent provides the following update and photos:

25265 is undergoing engine overhaul as part of a programme to return the loco to service. Work commenced this week & cylinder heads and pistons have already been removed.

dsc_0431a-ms dsc_0434a-ms

37227 has arrived from the Battlefield Line to receive a replacement engine & return to service work.


Preserved Diesels