News – 22/10/11

News – 22/10/11

SDDT Update


D8110 is currently undergoing a repaint into BR Green Livery in the PLOG shed at Buckfastleigh.  The small team undertaking the work hope to have it fully completed in time for the November Diesel Running Day. A timetable for the Running Day can be found here SDR Diesel Running Day

25 191

Over the last couple of weeks 25 191’s radiator settling tanks have been lifted out of the loco and stripped down.  The  header tank has been removed and components in compressor room made ready for removal.  All of the No 1 end cab bolts have been heated and removed and the cab ceiling panels yesterday.

26 262

D7612 is now back at Buckfastleigh after its very successful visit to the SVR Diesel Gala.  The loco performed well over all four days of the gala.  The fine fuel strainer has been replaced.

Ian Gould’s photo of D7612 leaving Kidderminster with the 0945 service to Bridgnorth 07/10/11


50 049

50 049 hauled D1062 back to Kidderminster as 0Z51 move yesterday afternoon after tyre turning at Tyseley Depot.  Once the 1000 is tripped back to Bridgnorth it will be winterised.  Photos at Rowley Regis from Derek Clarke:

50049-working-oz51-hauling-d1062-back-to-kidderminster-after-tyre-turning-comes-out-of-the-loop-at-rowley-regis-22-10-2011 50049-working-oz51-hauling-d1062-back-to-kidderminster-after-tyre-turning-comes-out-of-the-loop-at-rowley-regis-22-10-20111

And Photo from Bill Pizer at Rowley Regis:


And a few shots from Henry Coates of D1062 en route to Tyseley behind 50 049 passing through Birmingham Snow Hill on Tuesday 18th October:

photo-003a photo-006a

PBR Diesel Gala

Some photos from Alistair Grieve of last weekends PBR Diesel Gala:

pbr-dg-2011-ae pbr-dg-2011-au pbr-dg-2011-ba pbr-dg-2011-bi

Sherwood at Wansford

Steve “Bad Trousers” Lawton’s photo of Sherwood at Wansford 30/09/11:


ELR Deltic Fest

A selection of Bill Pizer’s photos from the ELR Deltic Fest all taken on the 16/10/11:

elr-16-10-11-001 elr-16-10-11-002-2 elr-16-10-11-004 elr-16-10-11-005 elr-16-10-11-006 elr-16-10-11-007-2-1 elr-16-10-11-008 elr-16-10-11-009 elr-16-10-11-010


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