News – 18/12/11

News – 18/12/11

D8059 on SVR PWay Duties

D8059 was utilised on PWay Dtuies on Friday 9th December on one of the initial positioning moves in conjunction with the forthcoming relaying works at Foley Park early next year.  D8059 will remain operational throughout the winter and will be based at Bewdley for the duration of relaying works.

David Coombs has kindly sent in the following photos showing  D8059 at Kidderminster loading concrete sleepers, in the siding at Eardington picking up loaded ballast hoppers, From the brake van between Hampton Loade and Highley and waiting at Highley to cross a passenger service.

sam_0877 sam_0879 sam_0886 sam_0889 sam_0890

1Z55 Worcester-Perth Chartex 29/11/11?

A selection of Bill Pizer’s photos from 55 022’s 1Z55 Worcester to Perth Chartex 29/11/11.   RSG pauses at York, about to leave Edinburgh, after arrival at Perth.

mrc-26-11-st-29-11-020 mrc-26-11-st-29-11-022 mrc-26-11-st-29-11-023

RSG runs round at Perth, about to leave Perth and about to leave Edinburgh.

mrc-26-11-st-29-11-024-2 mrc-26-11-st-29-11-026 mrc-26-11-st-29-11-025

GCR Santa Trains 10/12/11

Bill Pizer’s photos of D8098 at Woodthorpe with the 11.00 Loughboro’-Leicester North and at Rothley with the 12.30 Loughboro’-Leicester North Santa Train.

p1010722 p1010723-2

ELR 26th and 31st December 2011

D335 will now operate on 26th & 31st December on the East Lancs instead of the advertised DMU

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