News – 18/04/12

News – 18/04/12

50 017 “Royal Oak”
After many hundreds of hours of extremely hard work and graft by Dave Cunningham and his team of volunteers, the extensive bodywork restoration and repaint of 50 017 “Royal Oak” into early style Network SouthEast livery has been completed!

50 017 will be running on Saturday May 5th at the Plym Valley Railway but will be an invitation only event for all those who have helped restore this loco either physically or through donation, along with survivors and family members of the Royal Oak Association, as well as press and invited guests

A public event is to be held on Saturday 9th June 2012 with running times from 1300 – 1600 hours with the opportunity to have a close up of the loco sometime mid afternoon. All are more than welcome to come and see all the hard work put in by a dedicated team of people. It will have been 3 years and three days from when Royal Oak arrived at the railway and one day short of 26 years from the original launch of Network SouthEast.

The loco’s website has been updated and can be found A Facepage page has been set up to allow people to follow the loco, the page can be found here

The following photos are courtesy of the loco’s owner Dave Cunningham:

royal-oak-at-north-junction 50-017-looking-mint

KWVR Diesel Gala
The KWVR Diesel Gala Organiser is pleased to confirm that the following locomotives will be
in operation over the KWVR Diesel Gala Weekend on 25th – 27th May 2012.

Home Locomotives:

Class 20 – 20031
Class 25 – 25059
Class 37 – 37075 – making it’s debut public runs with the new owners and
at it’s new home.

Visiting Locomotives:

Class 26 – 26038 – owned by Tom Clift. Making it’s debut gala appearance and first principle runs in preservation – a long time since being withdrawn by British Rail 20 years ago!
Class 31 – 31466 – visiting from the Dean Forest Railway, making it’s first visit away from that Railway since entering preservation.
Class 33 – D6515 (33012) – visiting from the Swanage Railway
Class 50 – 50026 – making its first runs in the North in preservation – first passenger runs for over 20 years at the Swanage Railway only 2 weeks earlier.

Trains will operate all day – finishing mid evening on Friday and late evening on Saturday.

Timetable and fares details will be published soon, but timetable and fares are expected to be very similar to last year.

All the above are subject to the usual caveats about locomotive availability, and in the case of 26038 and 50026, subject to the locomotives working satisfactorily during running in periods following overhaul.

Full details at

DEPG (WSR) Loco Update

Matt Cambourne has kindly provided the following update for you on the various diesel related activities from the DEPG based on the West Somerset Railway.

The loco is now undergoing test runs in preparation for its entry into service in June. It is planned the loco will have a debut starring role at the June Mixed Traffic Gala on the Railway from Friday 15th-Sunday 17th June.  The test runs are revealing some minor teething problems as you would expect to find having not been run for many years.

The loco has been repainted partially to match the colour scheme of 33057.

D1661. North Star
The locomotive currently requires a fuel injector to be changed due to an issue found, otherwise it is in good working condition.

D1010. Western Campaigner
The loco has had a defective dynastarter shaft repaired and re-fitted. Some minor cleaning up in the bay around the transmission and filter cleaning is taking place before the cooler group is re-fitted. Hopefully the loco will be ready in time for the June gala.

The Hymek is doing well and will have a battery change in the next month or so.

The overhaul is progressing well.  During our March work week we lifted the body off the bogies to connect several bits up before it was re-seated on the bogies. The cooler group repairs are being progressed and an engine block is being prepared for being built up. Inside various electrical work has been done over the years and it is now a case of  connecting more pipes up to help finish the job. The current estimate is it will be completed towards the end of the year and ready for the 2013 running season some 18 years since it failed.

The loco has now been stopped for various maintenance to take place. The loco has a couple of air and electrical faults to deal with and it is estimated it will return to service for the winter.

We purchased D9518 as a long term overhaul project for a reasonable price. There is a lot to do and the loco will be stored, without any work commenced until D7018 is completed.

The faithful class 08 remains at Bishops Lydeard as the station pilot under new ownership for the time being.

The latest running dates involving diesel traction can be found at

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