News – 14/05/12

News – 14/05/12

Swanage Diesel Gala

A selection of photos of the Swanage Diesel Gala courtesy of Mark V Pike:

mvp_0039-custom 50026 crossing Corfe Common. 11/5/12.
mvp_0097-custom mvp_0105-custom mvp_0125-custom mvp_0200-custom mvp_0242-custom mvp_0261-custom mvp_0277-custom mvp_0289-custom mvp_0297-custom mvp_0332-custom mvp_0340-custom mvp_0437-custom mvp_0500-custom

Severn Valley Western 12/05/12

A selection of photos from Bill Pizer.  D1062 pulls away from Kidderminster with the 09.55 to Bridgnorth, D1062 at Bewdley North with the 11.55 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster, D1062 climbs Eardington bank with the 13.30 Kidderminster-Bridgnorth and D1062 crosses Oldbury viaduct with the 15.40 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster 12/05/12:

svr-12-5-12-001 svr-12-5-12-003 svr-12-5-12-005-2 svr-12-5-12-006

50 044 on the Goods

50 044 climbs away from Bewdley with the 10.55 ”Goods” to Kidderminster 12/05/12 Photo Bill Pizer:


Preserved Diesels