News – 12/05/12

News – 12/05/12

Barry Tourist Railway

Bill Pizer’s photos of 26038 arrives at Barry Island with ECS from Barry, 26038 stands at Waterfront with the 14.30 ex Barry Island and 73118 with the Barry Island-Barry ECS 06/05/12:

p1010918 p1010925 p1010923-2

SVR Diesel Diagram

Jon Dunster’s photos from the SVR Diesel Diagram on Monday 7th May 2012:

2012_050700421 2012_050700431 2012_050700441 2012_050700481

Bill Pizer’s photos of 50044 & D821 awaiting departure, 50044 leaves with the 09.55 to Bridgnorth and D821 follows with the 10.15 Chartex to Bridgnorth which it will work to Highley 05/05/12:

p1010914 p1010916 p1010917-2

31 130

31130 has moved to the Avon Valley Railway  on a 5 year loan and is pictured here at it’s new home prior to working its first train at the line 05/05/12. The next booked run is meant to be the 26/o5/12. Photo J Hiscox:


55 002 Latest News

55002 was started up on Friday the 4th of May on both engines and did several runs up and down in the North yard at York.  The loco had a brake test in both air and vacuum and passed.  Just 1 fault to report, the top compressor is fairly slow at building air up.  An investigation to the fault is on going.

The fitting of TPWS is on going with all of the cable fitted. OTMR should be fitted by July.

55002 will be on display at Railfest.


We have more details of the planned line-up of locomotives for the Mixed Traction Weekend which will take place on the above dates.  Friday 15th is an all-diesel haulage day whilst the Saturday and the Sunday will have 2 round trips by steam. One set of coaches will be air-braked throughout and this will be headed by the guest traction.

The MTW will also mark the entrance into service of “Crompton” D6575 after its heavy overhaul/restoration and 2012 marks the 50th Anniversary of the entrance into traffic of the “Hymeks” back in 1962. The eagle –eyed will also note that D1010 is down to run in the alternative identity of D1035 in which it came into the care of the Diesel and Electric Preservation Group and to the West Somerset Railway. There will not be any Class 14 haulage this year as D9526 is being worked on ahead of usage in the summer, possibly including the diesel hauled “Quantock Belle” midweek dining trains (for “Belle” details ring 01823 433856) and newly arrived D9518 will be on static display.

The WSR has reduced the costs of its Rover Tickets and there is an extra discount for advance booking from the website


GBrF class 66 and GBrF class 73 x 2 plus a Heritage Diesel (55022 is the intended machine but this has still to be finally to be confirmed)


Hymek D7017, Class 42 “Warship” D832 “Onslaught”, Class 52 “Western” D1035 “Western Yeoman”, Class 47/8 D1661 “North Star”, Class 33 “Cromptons” D6566 and D6575 and an Andrew Barclay ROF 0-4-0DH.


6960 “Raveningham Hall” and 7828 “Norton Manor”.

DFR Diesel Gala Saturday 19th May 2012

The DFR Diesel gala of 19/5 now has a timings/roster file available in either WORD DOC or PDF as per the links below.

In summary, services run between 0930 and 1700, locos rostered are 08238, D9521, E6001, 31466 and the DMU.
A demo-freight (rake of dogfish) will also be operating with the ’14’, ED and 31 and various times.




Preserved Diesels