News – 01/04/12

News – 01/04/12

Class 50’s in Action on the Mainline

50 049 and 50 044 were used last Thursday to move 50 035 and various support wagons from Cardiff Canton to the SVR and then drop 37 308 to RVEL at Derby for extensive cab floor and blower motor conduit repairs before returning light to the SVR.  50 049 is now fitted with 3 part mini snowploughs.

Jon Dunster’s photos of the 6F50 CF-SVR, 0M50 SVR-DY RTC and 0V50 DY RTC-SVR on the 29th March 2012:

dscf5370 dscf5380 dscf5384 dscf5386 dscf5390 dscf5394

Craig Adamson has kindly sent in the following two photos of 50049/37308/50044 heading past Elford Loop and 50049 and 50044 returning from Derby past Kingsbury:

50044-37308-50049-head-past-elford-loop-while-taking-the-37-to-derby-290312-c-adamson having-dropped-37308-at-derby-50049-50044-return-past-kingsbury-290812-c-adamson

D1015 at Tyseley

Derek Clarke’s photo of D1015 Sunbathing at Tyseley 28/03/12.  Work continues to return D1015 to working order.


31 144 and 37 023

Bill Pizer’s photos of 31 144 stored at Goodman’s Yard and 37 023 under restoration at Allely’s Yard 27/03/12.?

p1010840 p1010841

Loco’s at Hedingham

47 771, 20 035 and 20 063 at Hedingham 25/03/12 – Photos Bill Pizer:

cvr-25-3-12-001 cvr-25-3-12-002 cvr-25-3-12-0021

Preserved Diesels