Class 73

Class 73
Class 73


Design: British Railways
Supply: 600-750v DC from third rail
Engine: English Electric Four Cylinder 4SRKT (600hp)
Main Generator: English Electric
Traction Motors: English Electric
Wheel Arrangement: Bo-Bo
Total Built: 49  (1962-67 at Eastleigh & Vulcan Foundry)
Total : 19 (1)

A BR design utilising English Electric internal equipment, the 73’s were the southern regions electro-diesels and could be powered via the 750v DC third rail or by a EE 600hp diesel engine. The first six, the 73/0’s, were built at Eastleigh in 1962 and another forty-three, the 73/1’s, were built by English Electric at the Vulcan Foundry between 1965 & 1967. The class spent virtually their entire careers based on the SR working all types of train and are probably remembered best for the Gatwick Express services. A few members of the class are still in use on the mainline with various companies.

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