Class 58

Class 58
Class 58

Type 5

Design: BREL
Engine: Ruston Paxman Twelve Cylinder 12RK3ACT (3300hp)
Alternator: Brush
Traction Motors: Brush
Wheel Arrangement: Co-Co
Total Built: 50 (1983-87 at Doncaster)
Total : 1

An innovative design that was intended for ease of maintenance and 50 were built for use by BR on merry go round coal trains and initially the class was concentrated mainly in the midlands coalfields area working from Toton Depot. After the privatisation of BR the class undertook more general freight duties and with the advent of the class 66’s they started to be taken out of traffic in 1999 with the last working in 2002. Many of the class were subsequently repaired and transferred to Europe for work in Holland, France and Spain where many are still based.


Preserved Diesels