Class 46 ‘Peak’

Class 46 ‘Peak’
Class 46 ‘Peak’

Type 4

Design: British Railways
Engine: Sulzer Twelve Cylinder 12LDA28B (2500hp)
Main Generator: Brush
Traction Motors: Brush
Wheel Arrangement: 1 Co-Co 1
Total Built: 56 (1962-63 at Crewe)
Total : 3

The class 46’s were a variant of the class 45’s but with Brush electrical equipment. Fifty-six were built between 1962 – 1963 with the majority of their lives spent split between Laira and Gateshead depots for cross country passenger traffic. A lack of electric train heating equipment meant the class started to be withdrawn in the early 1980’s and all had been taken out of service by 1984. Two of the class saw further use with the RTC at Derby and both of these locos make up two of the three that have been preserved.

46010 46035 46045

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