Class 44 ‘Peak’

Class 44 ‘Peak’
Class 44 ‘Peak’

Type 4

Design: British Railways
Engine: Sulzer Twelve Cylinder 12LDA28 (2300hp)
Main Generator: Crompton Parkinson
Traction Motors: Crompton Parkinson
Wheel Arrangement: 1 Co-Co 1
Total Built: 10 (1959-60 at Derby)
Total : 2

Ten class 44’s were built at Derby in six months from September 1959 and initially introduced for express passenger work on the LMR, however as more powerful types became available were quickly relegated to freight work and spent the rest of their days working off Toton depot in the midlands. The ten locos were named after English and Welsh peaks, hence the nickname for these engines and the later class 45’s & 46’s. Withdrawls started in 1976 and all were out of use by 1981.

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