Class 42 ‘Warship’

Class 42 ‘Warship’
Class 42 ‘Warship’

Type 4

Design: British Railways
Engine: 2 x Maybach Twelve Cylinder MD650 (1152hp)
Transmission: Hydraulic – 2 x Mekydro K104
Wheel Arrangement: B-B
Total Built: 33 (1958-61 at Swindon)
Total : 2

The Warships were the first of the mass produced hydraulics with 33 of this type being built between 1958 & 1961 at Swindon Works and were fitted, bar one, with twin Maybach engines. Along with the MAN engined 43’s, the class spent their entire working lives based on the western region, working between Penzance and London, and acquired their nickname as all were named after British naval ships. They were the first victims of BR’s plan to eliminate hydraulic types and all had been withdrawn by the end of 1972.

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