Class 28 ‘Metrovick’

Class 28 ‘Metrovick’
Class 28 ‘Metrovick’

Type 2

Photo by Richard Thompson

Design: Metropolitan Vickers
Engine: Crossley Eight Cylinder HSTV8 (1200hp)
Main Generator: Metropolitan Vickers
Traction Motors: Metropolitan Vickers
Wheel Arrangement: Co-Bo
Total Built: 20 (1958-59 at Bowsfield Works, Stockton-on-Tees)
Total : 1

The ‘Metrovicks’ were the most unusual of the post 1955 diesel designs to make it in numbers to the mainline. With their Co-Bo wheel arrangement, 20 were built between 1958 – 59 and were based on the midland region, most remembering them for working the ‘Condor’ express freight between London and Glasgow. Reliability of the Crossley engine was not good and all had been withdrawn by September 1968 with the only survivor leading a charmed life after that date. Initially part of the RTC fleet, then a train heating unit and was secured for preservation in 1980, although still has to operate under its own power.



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