Class 27

Class 27
Class 27

Type 2

Design: Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon (BRCW)
Engine: Sulzer Six Cylinder 6LDA28B (1250hp)
Main Generator: GEC
Traction Motors: GEC
Wheel Arrangement: Bo-Bo
Total Built: 69 (1961-62 at Smethwick)
Total : 8

The second BRCW ‘Sulzer’ design, this time with GEC electrical equipment, was introduced to the Scottish region at Eastfield in 1962 for work on the West Highland Line and later examples went to the eastern and midland regions. The entire class was later based on the Scottish region along with the 26’s and spent the rest of their careers working most types of trains all over Scotland. In the 1970’s the class were utilised on the push-pull Glasgow – Edinburgh services with a loco on each end of the train, until replaced by the 47/7’s. The remaining engines were based at Eastfield and were withdrawn by 1987.

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