Class 17 ‘Clayton’

Class 17 ‘Clayton’
Class 17 ‘Clayton’

Type 1

Design: Clayton Co.
Engine: Two Paxman Six Cylinder 6ZHXL (450hp)
Main Generator: GEC
Traction Motors: GEC
Wheel Arrangement: Bo-Bo
Total Built: 117 (1962-1965 at Hatton)
Total: 1

A spectacularly unsuccessful class, the class 17 or Claytons were a victim of poor design and a downturn in freight traffic on the railways in the 1960’s. 117 of the class were built in three years from 1962. The majority of the twin Paxman engined locos were built by Clayton Co.  but later locos were built by Beyer Peacock with GEC electrical equipment. The Claytons finished their days based at Polmadie in Glasgow, with all withdrawn from service by 1972. Only four escaped the scrapyard at that time; three were dispatched to the RTC at Derby for further use but were later cut up, while the only survivor went into industrial use before being secured for preservation.


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