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50044 has hauled D821 and D1062 to the West Somerset Railway for the mixed traction event this weekend. Also in the convoy was 50026 which continued on with 50044 to Eastleigh Works the following day. 50026 will remain at Eastleigh for further work to return it to working order whilst 50044 then hauled 37308 from Eastleigh to Cardiff Canton. Photos are here

33109 37109 and 50015 left Bury yesterday to travel to Keighley and the KWVR three day event. The 33 and 50 have both received repaints. Photos here and here

Timetables and loco rosters for the WSR event can be downloaded here

A timetable and loco roster for the upcoming Kent & East Sussex Railway Diesel Event featuring D9504 27056 and 33052 is here

Photos of the North Norfolk Railway Mixed Traction Event are here

Recent photos of 33063 D1041 and 56101 added


The Class Forty Preservaton Society have announced their next railtour with 40145 which will be a Rawtenstall to Cambridge tour on September 4th and there are plans afoot to run an add-on mini tour to from Cambridge to Stanstead Airport. More details here

56101 will operate the Mid Norfolk Railway Diesel Diagram on June 20th. More details are here

A gallery of the Spa Valley Railway diesel day is here and a gallery for a recent german railtour featuring a V200 is here

Recent photos of 20059 20059 20059 20188 24054 33109 37037 37142 D832 47117 D1010 55022 and 55022


A timetable and loco roster for this weekends North Norfolk Railway Mixed Traction event featuring 25057 and 31207 can be downloaded here

A timetable and loco roster for next weekends South Devon Railway Diesel Event featuring 20110, 20118, 25262, 33002 and 37037 can be downloaded here


Photos of Mondays tour with 55022 are here

Recent photos of 20069 25057 25057 31438 33035 33111 37275 37906 37906 47270 50019 and 56101 added


08631 arrived at the Gwili Railway on Wednesday morning, having travelled overnight from the Mid Norfolk Railway. It will be the line's stand-by locomotive for the Summer, as well as featuring prominently in the upcoming Diesel Event on August 14th/15th, alongside D9521, D2178, a DMU and a fleet of industrials.

Recent photos of 20059 20177 25279 47376 47376 and 50044 added


33057 has arrived at Cranmore on the East Somerset Railway for bodywork repairs prior to returning to the West Somerset Railway - a photo is here

Two photos of welding work on 50049 at Canton are here and here

A timetable and loco roster for the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway Diesel Event on June 11-13 is here. The event will feature 20031, 25035, 25059, 33109, 37901 and 50015.

Finishing touches are being applied to the West Somerset 'Diesels in the West' Event on June 11-13. The three day event will feature double headed Warships on one trip on all three days as well as some Warship / Western pairings.

Photos of the recent events at Barrow Hill and the Midland Railway - Butterley added

Additional photos added to the Battlefield Event gallery

Recent photos of 20118 24054 31206 33053 33103 37109 40145 and D1015 added


56101 was hauled from Eastleigh Works yesterday to its new base at Dereham on the Mid Norfolk Railway.

47270 has run light from Washwood Heath to Carnforth today. The loco has been made available for sale by the owner although West Coast are not the new custodians.

The weekends working party on 55002 at York NRM saw the No.1 main generator painted with anti tracking paint along with a start made on undercoating the No.2 nose end. The last of  No.1 main generator brush holders have been cleaned and all of the rust removed and now await re-fitting.  One hundred new carbon brushes for the main generators have been ordered with 80 to fit allowing 20 as spares. It was felt by the group that by having new ones, the generators would be in the best possible condition but at a cost of £2800 - with help of a good price from Morganite. Details on how to donate to KOYLI's future are here.    

Recent photos of D9553 26010 26010 31206 33019 40106 47306 47402 & 50031 added


31206 has arrived at Butterley ready to take part in this weekends Diesel Event

Recent photos of D9520 and D9537 added


WSR based D1010 has been on test this week following engine repair work and all being well will return to service for the WSR 'Diesels in the West' event on June 11-13. D7017 is being repainted into BR Green as well for the event. Other diesels in action will be visitors D9520, D821 and D1062 working alongside residents locos D9526, 25173, D832 and 47076. Full details here

46045 (D182) has had to be withdrawn from the MR-B diesel event this weekend and an updated timetable with loco roster is here

26010 is out on the all day diagram at the Llangollen Railway this weekend. Timetable here

A timetable and loco roster for the Spa Valley Railway Diesel Running Day on June 5th is here

20087 has been de-winterised at Bury and has been run up after installation of an overhauled water pump. The loco will return to service at the ELR Diesel Event on July 2-4.

A further gallery of the GCRN diesel event is here

Additional photos added the East Lancs Champion railtour gallery

Recent photos of 20214 20214 37109 37905 47580 47765 50035 D1013 56097 and 56097


47580 has hauled the Swanage visitors back to Kidderminster today. After depositing 50035 at the SVR 31271, 37264 and 45133 will continue onto Butterley tomorrow behind 47580.

45060 has been announced as the final visitor for the ELR summer event on July 2-4. The full list of visiting engines are 33108, 45060, 47765, 50044, and 56097 which will work alongside the operational home fleet.

Photos of the weekends events at the GCRN and Battlefield Line are added.

Recent photos of 37119 45118 47367 50031 50035 D1023 and D1023


Photos of the East Lancs Champion railtour are here


40145 left Bury today for Crewe in readiness for tomorrows railtour to Penzance with D1015. The 40 has also hauled ELR resident 47402 to the LNWR workshops where the 47 will undergo attention.

The overhauled radiators for 50049 have been returned to Cardiff Canton after welding repairs - a photo is here. They will be cleaned, tested & painted before installation into the loco. 50031 has also been run up at Canton prior to it moving to the SVR next month.

The Class 15 Preservation Society website has been updated with working reports from the installation of the overhauled generator into D8233

Recent photos of 20227 20227 20227 and 37264 added


26038 underwent a short test run under its own power out of the former Cardiff Canton servicing shed on Tuesday and it is believed to be the locos first run since 1993. The loco was re-united with an overhauled bogie late last year. A photo is here

20142 and 20189 worked light from West Ruislip to Willesden yesterday as they are required by GBRf tomorrow. As a result the LUL event on Sunday will be worked by 20227 and 'Sarah Siddons'. 20142 and 20189 are expected to return to West London next week. Photos are here here and here

31271 has replaced 37264 as the loco for the Swanage Railway diesel diagram this Saturday. 50035 will work the same diagram on Sunday.

56101 has moved from the Swanage Railway to Eastleigh Works in the convoy with 73119 and the 4-Vep.


GCRN based 47765 and 56097 have been added to the bill for the ELR July diesel event.

Photos of the weekends events at the Swanage Railway Severn Valley Railway and Peak Rail added

Recent photos of 20048 24081 25262 26001 33002 37037 37679 40012 40013 47205 47402 47798 47798 47798 55019 55022 and 55022 added


47580 hauled the locos visiting the Swanage Railway south from Kidderminster yesterday. Photos here here here here and here. On the weekend after the diesel event 37264 will operate the Swanage Railway 'green timetable' diesel diagram on May 15th and 50035 will operate the diagram on Sunday 16th. Normal fares apply.

27056 has had a replacement turbocharger installed at the GCR - photos here here and here. The loco will also visit the Kent and East Sussex Railway in June to take part in their diesel event with will also feature 33052 and a class 14. Full details are here

The overhaul of the cooler group of 50049 is nearing completion with all welding and repairs to the loco now complete and is ready for re-fitting of the radiators which are away for repair at a specialist contractor. A photo is here

A timetable and loco roster for the Peak Rail Diesel Event on May 8 & 9 is here

A timetable and loco roster for the GCRN Diesel Event on May 15 & 16 is here. There is a diagrammed connecting bus services on both Saturday and Sunday, as well as special “afternoon only fares” (Green shading on the WTT) which are designed for those wishing to take part in both the Battlefield and GCRN galas.

A timetable and loco roster for the Battlefield Line diesel event on May 15 & 16 is here

The visiting locos for the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway Diesel Event on June 11-13 will be 25035, 37901, 47402 and 50015 plus one DRS locomotive. The home diesels 20031 and 25059 will also be in action. Details here

Photos from the Wensleydale Railway last weekend are here

Recent photos of 20177 37152 37906 D821 50035 50035 50035 50035 and D1015 added


47715 became derailed at Bedale station on Saturday curtailing the bank holiday event at the Wensleydale Railway. A photo is here. The NRM's 47798 worked shuttles between Leyburn and Constable Burton.

An updated version of the diagrams for the Swanage Diesel event next weekend are here. Previous versions should be discarded.

The 1960's event at the Midland Railway - Butterley will feature 20048 and 40012 working alongside steam locos. More details are here

The Cotswold Mainline Diesel Group, who are restoring 26043 and 45149 and Toddington, have recently launched a direct debit share scheme for those who want a more affordable way to support the locos. More details can be found on the CMDG website

Photos of the Diesel Event at the Elsecar Heritage Railway are here

Recent photos of D9529 20188 20188 33002 D821 D821 47715 50002 50033 50035 & 55022


50033 undertook short test runs up and down the yard at Tyseley on Monday as part of the ongoing work to return the loco to working order.

33108 and 50044 are confirmed as visitors to the East Lancs Diesel Event on July 2-4. Further visiting traction will be announced in due course.

26007 will take part in the Great Central Railway 'Collecting the Goods' Event on May 15/16. Details are here

A working timetable with loco rosters for the Swanage Railway Beer Festival & Diesel Event on May 7-9 can be downloaded here

Times for the East Lancs Champion Railtour on May 15/16 featuring 40145 and D1015 are here

Recent photos of 26007 26007 26024 31289 37025 37215 45133 45133 47376 50019 73129 and 18000 added along with archive views of D9521 25185 25191 25309 33208 45132 55002 55015 plus the ITG's A3R and A39


A landslide near Gotherington has curtailed normal train services at the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway which will now operate an emergency timetable with trains running from Toddington the Gotherington in top and tail formation with a diesel loco at one end. A revised timetable is here

The Mid Norfolk Railway has announced the dates of the '100 mile days' which consists of five diesel hauled return trips between Dereham and Wymondham giving approximately 110 miles behind the rostered loco. More details are here

More work continued on 55002 last weekend which has seen No.2 engine air in-take system completed to a very high standard. The No.1 engines main generator has now been cleaned out and now awaits anti-tracking paint to be applied. Work continued on the nose end air filters which have been completely stripped down cleaned and re-painted. Full details on the KOYLI website.

Further photos on the bodywork repairs to 33008 at Shackerstone are here and here. A correction to the last update on this loco is that a start up is still some way off with work currently concentrating on the bodywork and air systems.

Recent photos of 20154 26007 31207 37190 37254 37254 45125 45125 46010 47765 47765 D1062 and D1062 added


The overhauled generator for class 15 D8233 was refitted to the loco during the last week - a photo is here. The electrical machines were sent for overhaul during 2008 and the society launched an appeal to help pay for the work. The C15PS would like to thanks all who donated to the Generator Fund. The group will continue to rebuild the engine working towards starting the loco later in the year, although much work remains to be done including the overhaul of the four traction motors.

47798 will work a number of evening specials on the Wensleydale Railway on Friday 30th April, this is in addition to the locos planned use over the bank holiday weekend to celebrate the railways commissioning of a passing loop at Constable Burton. Full details are here

D1015 ran light from Washwood Heath to Tyseley Depot yesterday for tyre turning. A photo is here

A timetable and loco roster for the Elsecar Railway Diesel Event on Sunday & Monday May 2/3 is here. The event will feature 14901 and 31162.

The Great Central Railway will be holding a 'Type 2 Weekend' on July 10/11 featuring 25035, 26007, 27056 & 31563 with a intensive service in operation. More details are here


73005 has left Kidderminster and has been moved by road to Eastleigh Works for investigation into a traction motor problem that has kept the loco out of traffic since 2005.

55009 is to visit the Great Central Railway this summer and is expected to arrive in Loughborough during mid July. It will take part in the 'Mail by Rail' event on 24/25 July and will also operate weekend diesel diagram and driver experience trips before taking part in the September Diesel Event.

D1015 will work a Compass Tours excursion on Monday 30th August to Durham, starting at Crewe and going via Cumbrian Coast line. More details are here

Photos of the Great Central Railway Diesel Event last weekend are here

Recent photos of 31108 33111 47402 47580 50031 and D1015 added


26007 has arrived at the GCR for its summer stay with the loco unloaded on Thursday evening - photo is here. The diagrams have been altered slightly for tomorrow with the 37 and 50 swapping diagrams. New TT is here

Two class 25's undergoing attention at the moment are Butterley based 25321 which is receiving a top end engine overhaul - photo here and 25313 at the Wensleydale undergoing a more general repair with the cooler group being stripped at present - photos here and here

Photos of the ongoing bodywork repairs to 45041 at Butterley are here here and here

D1062 has been returned to working order at Bridgnorth after the winter hibernation and its first workings will be at the SVR 1960's event on May 7 & 8 with D821 and D8059. Some details are here

D9521 will be appearing at the Gwili Railway's Diesel Gala on August 14th/15th. This will feature D9521 alongside the resident home-fleet, and one other guest, still to be confirmed. It is the railway's first Diesel Gala in 20 years, and the first to feature ex-BR locomotives. More details will be available nearer the time

D212 will be operating a driver experience day on June 25 at the Midland Railway Butterley. The price is £250 for the full day which includes each person driving the loco, both light engine and with a train. A three course meal and a years membership of the Midland Railway Trust is also provided. For more information contact 01773 747674.

The Swindon & Cricklade Railway are holding an 'Industrial Weekend' on May 1-3 featuring both steam and diesel locos preserved from industry use. More details are here

Recent photos of 20048 20177 D821 50007 D1015 D1015 D1015 and H7MEK


55022 is now back on two engines with the operational unit from D9016 having been installed into the loco recently and the loco has undertaken successful loaded test run on the ELR.

Due to the ongoing overhauls of 33035 and 50026 both locos are now unable to attend this years Swanage diesel event on May 7-9 and they will now be replaced by 50135 and 45133. There will be a intensive three train service from 0845 to midnight each day (19:00 Sun) where all locos will be in use. 08436 will be doing brake van rides at Swanage. There will be two evening trains on the Friday and Sat night which will be hauled by 33111 & 31271 on Friday then 37264 & 47580 on Saturday. More details here

The MR-B Diesel Event on May 23-24 has had D212 added to the line up. Full details are a timetable are here

Photos of the Great Britain III tour with D1015 last week are here. D1015 later ran light to Washwood Heath for stabling prior to going over to Tyseley at some point for tyre turning. A photo is here

Recent photos of 26010 26010 27059 33111 D7017 37240 40088 47192 47192 47367 47773 and D1041 added


26007 is to visit the Great Central Railway for a summer stay. The loco will arrive in time for this weekends Diesel Event on 17/18 April. The event will also feature 20098, 25035, 27056, 31463, 37314, 47117 and 50007. Timetables : Saturday & Sunday

Following its withdrawal from the Swanage Gala the owner of 50026 has decided to postpone the comeback of the locomotive until next year to allow time to iron out a number of snagging minor faults on the loco. 50026 will return to Eastleigh Works where the items will be attended to and the loco loadbanked. A recent photo is here

The CFA appeal to raise funds to repair cracks in D212's bogies is now just short of the £10,000 target set two years ago. The total is currently £8205 and further donations are sought to reach the final target. Details are here


The Deltic Preservation Society are holding an Open Day at Barrow Hill on May 8/9 to to celebrate 50 years since the opening of Finsbury Park Depot. More details here

50017 worked its first passenger train in around 10 years on Saturday when it was hired for a private charter on the Plym Valley Railway. Photos are here

37146 was fired up for the first time at Kirkby Stephen East on Sunday. Restoration continues on this and the other locos on site. Photos here and here

50026 has been withdrawn from the Swanage Railway Diesel event line up as the loco will not be ready in time. Th Fifty Funds 50135 has been requested to attend in its place.

Photos of the D1015 railtour at the weekend are here

A recent photo of 25313 added


40145 was a last minute replacement as the traction for Pathfinders 'West Highlander' railtour of Scotland over this weekend. The 40 hauled the Inverness section of the train forward from Braidhurst Loop today and will work to Kyle of Lochalsh on Sunday before returning the train south on Monday.

46010 completed a test run without major problems last Sunday at the GCRN - its first venture out on the railway since arriving from Llangollen last year. Photos here and here

Photos of bodywork repairs to 33008 at Shackerstone are here here and here.

The NRM's 47798 is to visit the Wensleydale Railway and take part in an event over the May Bank Holiday. The WR will be operating a two train timetable for the first time and services will be worked by DMU, 47798, 47715 & 20166.

As part of the 'Raising the Roof' Event at Kidderminster on May 1st the SVR are auctioning some driver experience runs to raise money. Details here

Photos of last weekend events at the Great Central Railway and the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway added

Recent photos of 20035 20035 20063 31255 33053 33109 33109 33111 47306 47402 47524 47771 50007 50035 and 50042 added


The Class 15 Preservation Society have made significant progress on D8233 at Bury in recent weeks culminating in the removal of the cab and 'B' end section. These will be sent away for shotblasting and repair. Photos here and here. The locomotives generator set is undergoing overhaul and is due back at the ELR later this year. Donations towards the cost of the generator repair are very welcome. Full details on D8233 and D5705 are on the C15PS website

Work has continued on reassembling the air intake system on 55002. The loco is planned to enter the NRM workshops in June to allow the removal of the boiler and work will start fitting the loco out with components removed last year as well as fit the radiators and silencers into the roof sections. More details here

33057 has been lifted at Brush Traction to allow bogie and traction motor repairs to take place. Details here

37264 has been added to the line up at the Midland Railway - Butterley Diesel Event on May 22 & 23. The full line up is now 14901, 31206, 37264 as visiting engines and 08590, 20048, 31271, 45133, D182 and 47401 from the home fleet. Full details here

A concert at Kidderminster station has been organised to help raise funds for the SVR diesel shed. The gig on May 1st will feature Status Quo tribute band ' Shameless Quo'. Full details here

Additional photos added to the MNR Diesel Event Gallery

Recent photos of 31018 33111 and 37119 added


Timetables and loco rosters for the Great Central Railway 1960's Event this weekend featuring 20098 25035 27056 and 45125 are here

A timetable and loco roster for the Colne Valley Railway Diesel Day on March 28th featuring two class 03's and 31255 is here

Recent photos of D9537 20110 20118 25185 31207 31466 D1015 and D1015 added


The Severn Valley Railway are holding a 1960's Event on May 8 & 9 and is planning to have 20059, D821 and D1062 working trains on both days. The event will also feature steam haulage as well as displays of classic cars, motorbikes and scooters plus live music. More details are here

33208 has been lifted at Shackerstone and one bogie removed for repairs. The loco now sits on an accomodation bogie whilst its own will be overhauled including attending to a defective traction motor. Photos here here and here

Barrow Hill based 33108 has undergone a short test run after a top end overhaul of its engine. Photos here and here

Photos of the D1015 railtour to Buxton are here and photos of the 'Sulzer Event' at the Mid Norfolk Railway are here

Recent photos of 20001 20098 & 31414 added


47580 hauled the visitors to Dereham yesterday for the weekends MNR Diesel Event. A photo is here

A recent photo of 20177 is here


20177 has moved the short distance from Tyseley to Kidderminster to join the owners two other locomotives already based at the SVR, these being 20059 and 20188.

55002 will be open for cab visits during the NRM's 'Cab It' weekend on March 20 & 21. Details here

Recent photos of 45108 and 47484 added


A further revised version of the GWR March Diesel Event is here

Photos from the Weekends events at the North Norfolk Railway and the Dean Forest Railway added

Recent photos of 37275 37372 37905 45060 50008 50008 50026 and 56101 added


An updated timetable and loco roster for the GWR Diesel Event on March 27 & 28 is here

Recent photos of 33057 33057 50008 and 50008 added


20142 made its mainline debut today running light engine from Barrow Hill to March with 20189.

33057 has been delivered to the Brush Works in Loughborough having been transported by road from the West Somerset Railway. Once in the workshops the loco will be lifted and a number of items attended to including a traction motor change. Once this work is complete the 33 will move to the East Somerset Railway for contract bodywork repairs. A visit to a wheel lathe for tyre turning will also take place before the loco returns to the WSR later this year.

37518 has been withdrawn from the line up of the Swanage Diesel Event in May and its place has been taken by 37264. The revised loco line up is - 08436, 31271, 33035, 33103, 33111, 37264, 47580, 50026, 56101 & 73119.

A timetable and loco roster for the Bodmin & Wenford Railway Diesel Weekend on March 27 & 28 is here

Recent photos of D8568 20048 20048 & 37116 added


A recent working party on 55002 at York made progress on fitting foam to the air intake system and also saw the "trouser leg" and 90 degree elbow fitted to No2 engine.  The bottom of 'B' side battery box was cut out and made ready for welding in new metalwork when the loco goes into the workshop. The no.2 generator has had all brush boxes cleaned which will be receiving new brushes when they are re-fitted to the generator.  Also in the nose end, half of the air filters have been stripped down to the bare frames and will be painted and fitted with a fibre material in due course.

Work on 50049 progresses at Cardiff Canton with the loco being prepared for a repaint and also undergoing radiator repairs. Photos here and here

50008 will deputise for 50015 on the ELR diesel diagram this Saturday. The newly repainted 50008 made its debut in 'Laira Blue' livery last weekend and the ELR would like to thank the Renown Repulse Restoration Group who loaned a replacement heat exchanger at very short notice to allow the loco to run. 50015 remains out of traffic undergoing bodywork repairs.

The WSR have announced a new date in the calendar for 2010 with a late summer mixed event utilising mostly diesels from the home fleet. The event will take place on September 4 & 5 featuring D1010, D832, D7017, D6566, D7523 & D9526 plus DMU and two steam locos.

Additional photos added to the East Lancs and Nene Valley galleries. The visiting locos to Wansford were returned to their respective homes on Monday by 47826. A photo is here

Recent photos of 20059 37152 47635 50026 and WP51NED added


The North Norfolk Railway has been reconnected to the national network with the completion of the installation of a level crossing over Station Road in Sheringham. 37194 became the first loco to traverse the new link on Sunday. A photo is here

Photos from the weekends events at the East Lancs Railway and the Nene Valley Railway added

Recent photos of 25035 and D821 added


ELR based D9531 had its brake rigging refitted on 27th & 28th by members of the ELRDG and C15PS. Photos are here here and here. The next working party is on 3rd April to finish off fitting the rigging and complete the coolant oil and fuel systems with a view for a start up in the coming months. If people would like to get involved they can contact baily9531AThotmail.com or ring 07782649933.

The Dean Forest Railway are holding a Diesel Day on March 13th featuring 08238, 27066, 31466, 73001 and a DMU. A timetable and loco roster is here

The Mid Norfolk Railway has its spring diesel event on March 19-21 and visiting traction will be 26007, 45133, 46045 and 47580. Home based 20069, 50019 and 73210 will also work on the Saturday. A timetable and loco roster is here

55022 has two railtours booked later this year; the first with Retro Railtours on the 31st May running from Barrow Hill to Edinburgh as the Deltic Retro Scot 2 and on June 12th Spitfire Railtours are running the Capital Deltic from Preston to Kings Cross.


A timetable with loco rosters for the Nene Valley Railway Diesel Event this weekend are here

A recent photo of 73139 added


47492 has been returned to the West Coast Railway Depot at Carnforth where it will now be used as a spares donor to the WCRC fleet. The restoration of 47492 had faltered in recent years culminating in it leaving the WCRC depot last year and moving to a site nearby.

A revised line-up for this weekends Nene Valley Railway Diesel Event is D9516, D9523, 20048, 20142, 31108, 31128, 40106, 46045 & GBRf 66. A timetable and loco roster should be available shortly.

37240 is undergoing bodywork repairs at Llangollen after which it will be returned to early BR blue condition with headcode boxes reinstated along with buffer beam cowls and round buffers. Radiator repairs are also progressing well. The LDG would welcome any offer of advice for where to source a set of 37 compatible headcode blinds. Photos here and here

The CFPS spare bogie which was purchased from the Class 40 Appeal has arrived at Bury. A photo is here. Details on how to donate to the D335 bogie repair fund are here

Photos of D9526 20048 26010 and 46045 added


The working engine from D9016 has been removed from the loco at Bury and transported to workshops in Huddersfield for attention before being installed into 55022. Photos here here and here

The Baby Deltic Project has procured virtually a complete ‘Serck' system from a scrap Class 47 to use in it's test-bed loco 37372.  The equipment; comprising a pump, two fans complete with motors, a reservoir, a controller and various bits of pipework will be installed over the coming weeks and will eliminate the difficulties experienced as a result of having no forced air cooling.  Photos of progress to date can be found here. In due course the removed fan, the engine to gearbox driveshaft and the fan drive gearbox will be sold to the highest bidder.  Any expressions of interest should be made via the contact form on the website.

The Irish Traction Group have asked for the following to be posted - The ITG has become aware that the 141 class are being taken out of service, with several remaining locomotives working to Inchicore and the rest to follow imminently. ITG has been in contact with Iarnrod Eireann, and it is still intended to provide two 141 class locomotives for the ITG Railtour on 6th March. These will be examined over the coming days to ensure the locomotives are fit to work the train.


Photos of restoration work on 55002 at York NRM are here here here here here and here. Work has taken place on the no.1 generator with the removal of all of the brush boxes.  This generator is in a filthy condition, the brush boxes require cleaning as does the commutator, V ring and the replacement of all of the insulating pots as they are cracked.  All the brushes from this generator require replacement which will prove expensive. Details on how to donate are here

33108 is undergoing a top end overhaul at Barrow Hill and the pistons and liners were re-fitted last weekend with remaining work due to be completed this month before a start up later in year. Repairs to accident damage sustained at Swanage have also been completed. Photos here here and here

A timetable and loco roster for the East Lancs Railway 'Nightrider' Event on March 6/7 is here. Locos featuring will be 33109, D7076, 37109, 37418, 37901, 40145, 47402, 50008 and 55022. 37418 will be working the overnight trains.

Recent photos of 37350 and 47798 added
Archive photos of 37032 37240 37901 40145 50029 50029 50030 and 50030 added


20063 has joined 20035 at the Colne Valley Railway. A photo is here

Photos of recent work on 45149 are here here and here

The Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway Spring Diesel Weekend will be held on March 27 & 28 and will feature home based locos including 20137, 24081, 37215, 37248, 37324, 47105 and 47376. A timetable is here

Recent photos of 20048 33053 33053 33111 33111 33111 and 33111


56098 received its new set of bogies during an operation at Allelys Yard in Studley on the 18th. Photos here here and here

20035 has moved from Wishaw to the Colne Valley Railway. 20063 is expected to follow soon after.

The line up for the Swanage Railway Diesel Event on May 7-9 is to be 31271, 33035, 37518, 47580, 50026, 56101 and 73119 working alongside residents 08436, 33103 and 33111. There will be an intensive three train service running between 0845 and midnight each day (except Sunday till 1900) with two evening trains running on the Friday and Saturday nights serving hot food and real ale.

Recent photos of D9516 47270 55009 and 55009 added along with archive views of 45112 46035 46035 added


The owner of 45015 recently lost a court action with the Battlefield Line in a dispute over rent and was ordered to pay the railway over £6000 in unpaid rent and costs. The loco arrived at Shackerstone in November 2002 and little restoration work has been undertaken since it arrived. The D14 Loco Association have stated they intend to move the Peak to a new location.

56098 has been delivered to Allelys Yard at Studley for its bogie swap with 56056. A photo is here

Recent photos of 20059 25059 55016 55016 and 55022 added


56134 has been delivered to Booths Scrapyard from Doncaster. Efforts to save this loco from the cutters torch have been abandoned.

Recent photos of 33111 55016 and 55022 added


56098 has been outshopped in Loadhaul livery at Barrow Hill. A photo is here. It will leave for Allelys Haulage Yard in Studley tomorrow where it will receive the bogies from 56056 before heading to the Battlefield Line.

Recent photos of 33111 47402 55016 and 55016 added


20035 and 20063 which are two of the former French based class 20's stored at a haulage yard in Wishaw are to move to the Colne Valley Railway. 20139 which was also stored at Wishaw has been stripped for parts and recently moved to EMR Kingsbury for scrap.

50049 has had its radiators removed at Cardiff Canton for repairs to the elements. The loco is also undergoing a repaint into Large Logo Blue. Photos here here and here

Photos of the ELR East Coast Day are here

Photos of the ELR locos at work on the recent Manchester Metrolink engineering trains are here

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33109 has ventured onto the Manchester Metrolink system joining the three 37's already engaged on egineering train duties. The 33 was called up early Saturday morning due to a fault on 37418. A photo of 37109 at work is here

47492 is currently for sale. The part restored loco left the WCRC depot last year and moved to a siding nearby on Network Rail property with little work undertaken since then.

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56098 will move to Allelys Haulage yard in Studley from Shackerstone next week where it will be lifted and undergo a bogie swap with scrap loco 56056 which has been brought across from Kingsbury. Once the work is complete 56098 will return to Shackerstone and 56056 to Kingsbury.

It has also been indicated that 56134 will not be heading for the scrap yard after all. The loco was successfully tendered for from DB Schenker during December but further metal thefts from the loco while at Healey Mills put its future in doubt. It currently resides at Doncaster Wood Yard.


A timetable and loco roster for the ELR 'East Coast Day' on February 13th featuring 55016 and 55022 is here

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The West Somerset Railway have announced details of the planned "GWR 175 Diesels in the West" event on June 11-13 with D821 and D1062 invited to attend with D9520 from the Nene Valley. It is also hoped to have D1010 back in traffic and D7017 repainted into BR green. D832, D9526 and D1661 will be in use too. The service on Friday will be all diesel with one steam diagram operating over the weekend.

Photos of the locos involved with the Manchester Metrolink work at Bury are here here and here

Photos of work on 45041 are here here here

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ELR based 37109, 37418 and 37901 are to be used on Manchester Metrolink engineering trains over the weekends of January 31-February 1 and February 6-7, this confirmed after 37418 ventured out from Bury to Bridge 12 near Whitefield on a gauging run early last Sunday morning. The Metrolink is closed between Bury and Whitefield for track renewals near Radcliffe and Whitefield and all infrastructure trains will originate from Baron Street where 33109 will also be used for train preparation duties.


50033 has had its engine freed and barred over at Tyseley by members of the 50021 loco group. 50033's engine had become seized after a period of storage. The loco is now in the care of the 50021 Group who are returning the loco to working order.

The Swanage Railway will operate a diesel diagram each day during the school half term week of February 13-21. The train will be class 33 hauled utilising ETH stock. A timetable is here

The Nene Valley Railway Diesel Event on March 6 & 7 is planned to feature visiting locos in the shape of 20048, 31128, 46045 & 47375 as well as a Hanson class 56 and a GBRf 66. These will work alongside the operational home fleet of class 14s and 31108, 37518 and 40106.

The Midland Railway Butterley is planning its Diesel Event on May 22 & 23 and will have 31206 and 14901 as visiting locos both of which are on their first visit away after restoration work. Home fleet in use will be 08590, 31271, 44004, 45041, 45133 and 47401. Full details are here

The CFPS and DTG are now taking bookings for the two day East Lancs Champion Railtour due to run on May 15/16. Details here

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The most recent working weekend on 55002 saw the air receivers refitted to the no.2 cab and work has been progressing on the air intake systems on both engines. The loco is awaiting entry into the workshop to allow both nose ends to be fitted out and and to fit the overhauled radiators and silencers into the roof sections. Repairs to one of the battery boxes can then be completed and batteries fitted. Future working parties will concentrate on the generators which are in filthy condition but give good insulation readings. For more information click here

The Northants Type 2 Group are selling their spare class 25 cab which has been in storage at Pitsford. More details are here

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The East Lancs Railway are holding a East Coast Theme Day on February 13th featuring D9016 and 55022 as well as D1501 hauling a freight train. The event will be the last operating day for D9016 before the loco is withdrawn for restoration work. D9016 will also operate a driver experience day on February 12th on which there are still places available. Details here

The visiting locos for the Mid Norfolk Railway Spring Diesel Event on March 19-21 will be 26007, 45133 and 46045 as well as a visiting mainline loco. All will work alongside the home fleet during the event. More details will be available nearer the time.

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37893 has been purchased by an established class 37 owner and was moved from Bescot to Allely's Yard at Studley for storage before Christmas. The loco is in good condition and a return to working order will take place in due course.

37119 ended its near three year stay at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway today when it returned to York NRM behind 47760.

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The proposed CFPS tour to Cornwall featuring 40145 and D1015 will run on May 15th/16th after substantial interest was shown when it was proposed in November. The plan is run from Crewe/Manchester to Penzance via Midlands, Banbury, Westbury and to visit the cornish branches of Falmouth, Newquay and St Ives. 40145 will be the main tour engine from the North West with D1015 featuring from Westbury where it will work in tandem with 40145 and then top and tail on the branches. Booking details will be available shortly.

Photos of the GCR Diesel Weekend are here
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Photos of the ELR Diesel Day are here

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55022 collected D9016 from Barrow Hill yesterday and hauled it to its new home on the East Lancs Railway. A photo is here

50033 was shunted down from storage on Tyseley Top Bank to the turntable area last weekend to allow remedial work to take place with a view to returning the loco to working order.

47004 is to leave the Embsay and Bolton Abbey Railway after a review of the diesel fleet based at the line. The owning group are investigating options for a new home.

27056 has been withdrawn from this weekend GCR diesel event due to an electrical fault. Updated diagrams are here

Photos of on-going bodywork repairs to 45041 at Butterley are here here here here and here

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A timetable and loco roster for the GCR Steam Heat Weekend on January 9/10 is here
A timetable and loco roster for the East Lancs Diesel Day on January 9 is here

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