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Class 35 'Hymek'

Type 3

Photo: Mike Randall

Design: Beyer Peacock (Hymek)
Engine: Maybach Sixteen Cylinder MD870 (1700hp)
Transmission: Hydraulic - Stone-Maybach Mekydro K184U
Wheel Arrangement: B-B
Total Built: 101 (1961-64 Gorton)
Total : 4
The western region's type 3 hydraulic, the Hymeks were introduced to BR between 1961 - 1964 and 101 were built. A relatively successful loco but was the victim of BR's decision to standardise to diesel-electric traction in the late 1960's. Withdrawls started in 1971 and all had been taken out of service by early 1975 with some of the class seeing a mere eight years service.
D7017 D7018 D7029 D7076