Class 26

Class 26

- in Engine
Class 26

Type 2

Design: Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon (BRCW)
Engine: Sulzer Six Cylinder 6LDA28 (1160hp)
Main Generator: Crompton Parkinson
Traction Motors: Crompton Parkinson
Wheel Arrangement: Bo-Bo
Total Built: 47 (1958-59 at Smethwick)
Total : 13

The BRCW designed class 26’s were introduced from 1958 and were installed with a Sulzer engine along with Crompton Parkinson electrical equipment. Initially they were based on the eastern region at Hornsey for local passenger workings out of Kings Cross, but by 1965 these type 2’s had been transferred to Scotland. The class spent the next twenty years working all types of trains over the region, primarily allocated to Haymarket and Inverness. The last class members were based at Inverness for engineers traffic and were withdrawn by late 1993.

26001 26002 26004 26007 26010
26011 26014 26024 26025 26035
26038 26040 26043

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Welcome to the new Preserved Diesels Website! Tim