Class 20

Class 20

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Class 20

Type 1

Photo: Phil Seymour

Design: English Electric
Engine: English Electric Eight Cylinder 8SVT (1000hp)
Main Generator: English Electric
Traction Motors: English Electric
Wheel Arrangement: Bo-Bo
Total Built: 228 (1957-68 at Vulcan Foundry & RSH)
Total: 26

Built by English Electric and introduced to BR from 1957, the 20’s were the only successful type one design. Originally built for light trip freight work, but as this traffic disappeared in the mid sixties they were primarily used in pairs on coal trains in the midlands, although could be seen on most parts of the BR network with members of the class also based on the scottish and eastern regions. A few of these engines are still working in mainline service for DRS and HNRC.

20001 20007 20020 20031 20035
20048 20050 20059 20063 20069
20087 20098 20110 20118 20137
20142 20154 20166 20169 20177
20188 20189 20205 20214 20227

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Welcome to the new Preserved Diesels Website! Tim