Class 15

Class 15

- in Engine
Class 15

Type 1

Design: Clayton Co.
Engine: Paxman Sixteen Cylinder 16YHXL (800hp)
Main Generator: British Thompson Houston
Traction Motors: British Thompson Houston
Wheel Arrangement: Bo-Bo
Total Built: 44 (1957-61 at Sheffield & Tutbury)
Total: 1

A Clayton design of 1957, 44 of this class were introduced to BR by 1961 and all were based in east London at Stratford. As part of the 1955 pilot scheme to replace steam traction, the class 15’s were not as successful as hoped and all were withdrawn by March 1971. Four were later converted to un-powered, mobile train heating units and remained in use until the late 1970’s. The only survivor was one such locomotive.


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Welcome to the new Preserved Diesels Website! Tim