Class 14

Class 14

- in Engine
Class 14

Type 1

Design: British Railways
Engine: Paxman Six Cylinder 6YXJ (650hp) except D9524 – Rolls Royce DV8TCE (640hp)
Transmission: Hydraulic – Voith
Wheel Arrangement: 0-6-0
Total Built: 56 (1964-65 at Swindon)
Total : 19

he class 14’s were a built at Swindon between 1964 & 1965 and in total 56 entered traffic. Power was provided by a Paxman engine via hydraulic transmission to a 0-6-0 wheel arrangement. They were introduced to work short trip freights at the same time that this traffic was being lost to road transport. The locos were withdrawn and stored during 1968 and many were subsequently sold into industrial use, mainly with the National Coal Board and The British Steel Corporation.

D9500 D9502 D9504 D9513 D9516
D9518 D9520 D9521 D9523 D9524
D9525 D9526 D9529 D9531 D9537
D9539 D9551 D9553 D9555

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Welcome to the new Preserved Diesels Website! Tim