Swanage Diesel Gala

Swanage Diesel Gala

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Swanage Diesel Gala

The Swanage Diesel Gala is taking place this weekend and we hope that everyone continues to support the event given the numerous set backs the organisers have faced in the past few days. Due to the non arrival of some visiting locos from other railways the Swanage Railway is currently operating an emergency Diesel Gala timetable. Ian Gould’s photos show 50026 passing Wilkswood with the 11.00s Norden to Swanage, 57311 and 33111 Leave Corfe with the 14.30 Corfe to Swanage  11th  May 2012 and a superb shot of 50026 leaving Corfe with the  15.20 Norden to Swanage 11th May 2012.

50026-leaving-corfe-1105123 50026-passing-wilkswood-1105121 5731133111-leaving-corfe-110512

Neil Walkling has kindly sent over the following photos taken yesterday during the first day of the Swanage Diesel Gala. Neil’s photos show three photos of 50026, two at Corfe Castle and  one taken at Swanage showing the train departing from platform one, where the  signalman had to ‘flag’ 50026 as the loco was fouling the track circuits. This  was a practice left over from BR days. Two photos showing 57312 with 33111 at Corfe Castle and with D5401 at  Harmans Cross. One of D5401 at Harmans Cross arriving on the up platform with a Swanage  train. Plus one of the latecomer 73136 with 33111 at Harmans Cross.

50026_cc1_110512 50026_cc2_110512 50026_sw1_110512 57312_33111_cc1_110512 57312_d5401_hx_1105121 73136_33111_hx1_110512 d5401_hx1_110512



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