Recent photos

Recent photos

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To clear most of the backlog in our inbox here are a few photos taken in the last 2-3 months.

D1010 & 37275 photos courtesy of Joe Bloggs:

Swanwick & 31144 photos courtesy of Bill Pizer

37250 photo courtesy of Brian Sherrington

mrc-26-11-45133 mrc-26-11-47761 mrc-26-11-d212 mrc-26-11-d1516

mrc-26-11-45041-45108 mrc-26-11-31271 mrc-26-11-31418 mrc-26-11-33046

mrc-26-11-20048 mrc-26-11-20205 img_5403-37275-swithland-5-sept-11 img_5441-37275-quorn-5-sept-11

img_5294-37275-departs-loughborough-5-sept-11 img_5318-37275-woodthorpe-5-sept-11 img_5351-37275-quorn-5-sept-111 d1010_2-crowcombe-12-nov-11

d1010-crowcombe-12-nov-11 37250-at-leeming-bar-12-11-11 31144_1 31144_3

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Welcome to the new Preserved Diesels Website! Tim