News – 22/01/12

News – 22/01/12

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A selection of photos from Derek Clarke taken at Swanwick Junction 08/01/12:

d4-at-west-shed-swanwick-junction-08-01-2012 d212-37314-swanwick-junction-08-01-2012 d1048-swanwick-junction-08-01-2012 33046-swanwick-junction-08-01-2012 50007-swanwick-junction-08-01-2012 45041-45108-swanwick-junction-08-01-2012

33 053

David Warwick’s photos of 33 053 top and tailing Black 5 45379 due to rail conditions on Sunday 15th January 2012.  More of David’s photos can be found on his website here

dscf8312_copy dscf8328_copy

D1041 Western Prince Update

Matt Lindley provides the following detailed update:

Since the last report on D1041 there has been plenty going on.

At B-end of the loco, plenty more new cable has been going into the locomotive.  A large amount of time has been spent of late, fitting out as much of the internal wiring of the drivers desk as possible.  This includes all the wiring for the drivers and secondman warning lamps, the loco circuit breakers, instrument lighting, direction selector column, loco control push buttons i.e Engine Stop/ Start, Tooth on tooth, Rear horn valve as well as the loco cab switch panel and DSD circuitory.  We shall shortly get to a stage with B-end where no more wiring can be done really, until we get the end to end loom made up and fed into the loco at both desks.  The connecting end to end loom is where it is going to be costly due to the length and size of the loom.  Once this is done then any remaining internal wiring can be added and we will be able to start tieing all cable permenantly in place and terminating all cables at B-end and begin sequence and simulation testing.

This is all work that is necessary for the complete locomotive re-wire.  The re-wire entails the removal and renewal of every single wire within the locomotive due to the ever deteriorating condition of the locos origional electrical circuits.  As cable has been removed it has become apparent just how desperatly needed this level of work has been.  One example came with the removal of the compressor loom from the control box in the boiler room, to A-end compressor which is under-slung beneith the locomotive.  A block and tackle had to be clamped onto the old cable loom to drag it out of the conduit, as the motor cables insulation had weakened and evenutally blown to earth with a bang.  The result was a mass of melted copper welded hard to the inside of the conduit.  Many more examples of insulation breakdown and earth faults have been discovered as cable has been removed from the loco and the desks.

A-end cab is the last remaining and daunting job.  The cab is now fully stripped out to a shell as can be seen from the photograph, we have already gone deeper with this cab than the other.  Unfortunatly the cab desk has suffered just as much corrosion from water ingress as B-end (if not more) a first assessment has revealed the fact that the floor underneith the desk will require the entire secondman’s side to be cut out and a new sheet welded in place aswell as a new conduit box to be fabricated for the looms that come up from the BIS and davern set.  This conduit box was literally non existant and was just a whole in the floor.  A-end will now have the remainder of the old unipren cable pulled out and a big stripping session will go ahead to get as much cable weighed in to go towards the 200m of power cable we need to install in the loco.

Ideally, dependant on funding, it would be hoped that by the end of play 2012, the majority of the re-wire is done.  Definatly it is hoped the majority of the new cable is in the loco, and all that will remain is terminating all cable and a large amount of testing to ensure all is present and correct.  This will only happen if we can raise the sufficient funds for the 95mm power cables.  The looms for the compressors and exhausters which is smaller cable but still costly is now all fed into the loco and we intend to keep ordering more drums of control wire as we are going along.  A few months worth of work will now go into rebuilding A-end cab to the same very high standard as B-end which is photographed before any more wire goes in.

The other big project of the re-wire completed recently was the re-installation of the fully overhauled and re-wired dual brake control box in the boiler room and connecting up to the loco and sequence testing.

Away from the mass of electrical work going on, other areas are progressing.  As you may have seen from a previous report, just before christmas the replacement transmission was fitted to A-end of D1041.  This went smoothly and went ahead after refitting various other peices of equipment.  The overhauled serck oil reservour tank, various bits of framework and testing of the dynostarter in A-end before the transmission was bolted down and torqued up.  We can now start refitting peices of pipework around the transmission such as the large coolant pipes that feed the cooler group.  These will be needle gunned to the limit to find any possible weak spots that could develop leaks and cracks before painting and re-fitting.

B-end has seen the cooler group disconnected ready to be removed in the coming months.  This is for a number of reasons, namely to remove B-end dynostarter which will have a full overhaul including a blow through and dry out.  A deep clean and re-varnish and new brush gear.  Also the reverser block on B-end transmission will be removed and tested, possibly swapped for the reverser off the old transmission to recify the reversing problem, and also to gain access to the non-corridor side easily for cleaning and a look at the compressor down the non-corridor side.

B-end also saw the re-fitting of the fully overhauled oil and fuel priming pumps which were overhauled by Chris Bailey one of the men behind several of the most detailed locomotive rebuilds at Bury, Chris has volunteered to do all D1041s motors to the same standard.  The oil priming pump was connected up to B-end engine.  The engine was decompressed and barred round with ease, the priming pump was then ran off an external power supply and the guage was reading oil pressure on B engine for the first time in 7 years.  This will be done at regular intervals to keep the engine will lubricated.

This year we should also get the majority of the bodywork repairs finished.  Once the resident class 14 is returned to service this year, a few more hands should be available to do the re-fabrication work to B-end front end.  And towards the end of the year possibly make a start on the engine rebuild for A-end.  Plenty to keep us busy this year, but plenty of excellent progress being made forward.  We do however ask that if you feel you can contribute to the task by making a donation for 1041 towards buying the remainder of the cable needed (of which there is a fair bit) then please find the donation section on the website

At this stage we would like to extend a big thanks to Jeff Targett and the WLA. To Brian Bowman. To everybody who has offered support and funding.

Progress shall be kept up to date on the locos website.

Heres to a prosperous 2012 for Western Prince.

more-wire-going-in oil-pressure-reading-on-b-end-engine-first-time-in-7-years refitting-a-end-transmission the-last-big-job-of-the-re-wire-fully-stripped-out-a-end-cab-soon-to-be-rebuilt-over-the-coming-months finished-article-d1041-dual-brake-box

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